jvweekly.com desktop

JVWeekly.com on Desktop

Our new JVWeekly.com website is fully responsive to the device you use when browsing the site.

You will notice a slight difference when browsing on a desktop or laptop computer.

Full display with images and videos as created.





jvweekly pad

JVWeekly.com on Pad

When using a pad or hand help device you will see something like the image here.

(image 2) Click image to view larger.

Display, images and videos are responsive to your device size.






jvweekly mobile

JVWeekly.com on Mobile Phone

When on the go, viewing on your Smartphone you get 2 views up right view as in the image (image 3) and if you hold your phone side ways a slight larger view will display (side image shown below).

Display, images and videos will re-size depending on how you hold your phone, upright or side-ways.

Click image to enlarge.




jvweekly mobile

JVWeekly.com on Mobile Phone (side view)

Hope you enjoy our site regardless of the device you use, is you notice any glitches Please let us know by contacting us by email @ http://jvweekly.com/contact-us/

Thank you,
Rick Marrufo